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Dog Walking

Your dog’s daily walk is likely one of the highlights of his day. Going for a walk can provide your dog with more than just a bathroom break. It can give him physical exercise, mental stimulation, and a chance to keep tabs on the neighborhood. How to train a dog to walk on a leash is certainly important. After all, if walks are unpleasant, you’re less likely to provide them. But there’s more to the story than whether or not you’re pulled down the block. Think about the walk from your dog’s point of view. To make sure he’s truly enjoying himself, be sure to avoid these five common mistakes.

Professional Dog Walkers

Professional dog walkers, both individuals and businesses, are paid by dog owners to walk their dogs for them. Some dog walkers will take many dogs for a walk at once, while others will only take a single dog. The length of a walk might vary by breed or owners request ranging from short relief walks to longer walks with a specific amount of time set by the owner. Also growing in popularity is "dog running". Dog runners are professionals who run with dogs, rather than walking with them. In some jurisdictions, dog walking businesses must be licensed and have employees trained in animal first aid. Professional dog walking services can be obtained locally or through online referral services. Obtaining a position as a professional dog walker has become more difficult, with applicants having to pass rigorous exams and go through extensive training.